Travelandz is AI-powered travel software that empowers travel agencies to unlock their full potential

The software saves time on your daily tasks and transfors your travel business.


Travelandz measures and offsets carbon footprints, contributing to a greener future while providing more sustainable travel recommendations.

Travelandz easily manages sales, optimizes pricing, and responds effectively to inquiries for revenue generation while managing finances, budgeting, and maximizing profits.

All-in one travel management platform - From creation travel itineraries based on the customers’ preferences and budget to handling bookings and CRM. Our AI-powered streamlines operations and dashboards boost your business productivity.

Travelandz is the most powerful tool for Travel Agencies. Reduce efforts and boost your customer experience.

All-in one saas for travel agenices - Customer Relationship Manager,Personalized Itinerary Creation and Booking Management

Boost your business by using Travelandz. Attract more customers with efficient tour promotion and a streamlined database, leading to increased bookings, revenue, and growth.

Enchance CRM with Travelandz - Provide seamless travel experiences, reduce risks, and boost customer satisfaction across the entire journey.

Manage Daily Operations, Boost Revenue, and Cultivate Customer Relationships with Travelandz's AI-Powered CRM and Automation Solutions

Incorporating a carbon calculator positions Travelandz as a leader in sustainable travel, appealing to the growing segment of eco-conscious travelers. Over time, the goodwill generated by this initiative will outweigh the initial integration costs, attracting environmentally-aware customers and increasing bookings.

Customer focus - Travelandz prioritize customer needs, ensuring quick responses, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Boost Business Efficiency with Travelandz an AI-Powered Tools for Travel Agencies.